Design • Development • Manufacture of Firearms
Hyperion Arms designs, develops, manufactures, and supports firearms of all varieties and era’s, as well as a wide range of other supporting and related products.
Hyperion Arms has the ability to buy, sell, and assemble firearms of all types. Hyperion Arms also has the ability to buy, sell and assemble NFA weapons Title II of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 (aka Class III weapons), i.e. Short Barreled Rifles (SBR), Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS), Silencers and Any Other Weapon (AOW).
We specialize in many of the skills required of the gunsmith. Alternatively, Hyperion Arms is well-educated in many of the skills of the trade and apply them to many weapon types (e.g. pistols, shotguns, and many brands or models). We try to be a general practitioner to help solve many of the problems that firearms owners encounter and try to meet the expectations of new firearm ownership.
The primary technical responsibility of Hyperion Arms is to ensure that the guns we work on function safely. We accomplish this firstly by always properly observing gun safety handling procedures: both in their own actions, and in the actions of their customers and the people around them. We accomplish this secondly by inspecting guns to ensure safe mechanical operation. Hyperion Arms uses our in-depth knowledge of guns to guide these inspections: either repairing deficiencies; or notifying customers of unsafe conditions and taking steps to prevent catastrophic failures.
Some of the tasks we perform to ensure the quality and safety of our firearms are:
Measure & correct head-space dimensions
Check for excessive bore erosion
Troubleshoot and repair feeding, ejecting & firing problems
Test-fire guns with conventional loads to ensure proper operation
Fabricate wooden stocks to customer specifications and body dimensions. Fit same to existing receiver and barrel
Glass-bed actions to stocks to improve accuracy
Remove existing metal finish, and re-blue metal parts
Fabricate replacement parts from metal stock
Modify trigger-pull weight through careful stoning of trigger mechanism parts
Fire proof-loads through weapons to insure sufficient strength of parts under over-load conditions
Replace worn barrels, which have fired so many rounds that they are no longer of the specified caliber (which leads to loss of accuracy)
Change chamber of existing barrel
Disassemble, clean, inspect, lubricate & reassemble
Remove corrosion and touch-up finish
Repair burred or damaged parts with files & stones
Replace defective parts with factory-made replacements, hand-fitting as necessary
grip caps
butt plates
Repair and re-finish wooden stock parts
Re-crown damaged muzzles on a lathe
Repair dented shotgun barrels
Install (solder) or repair rib on shotgun barrels, or repair double-barrel assemblies
Design and build complete rifles by fitting stock barrels to stock receivers; fabricating or purchasing additional parts as needed, and fitting same to rifle. Fitting custom stock to same
Design and build a complete rifle
Change caliber or cartridge of existing rifle, by changing barrel, and modifying receiver
Custom Builder • Designer
We at Hyperion Arms build guns to customer's specifications, from raw materials and shelf parts.
We apply various chemical processes (browning, bluing, among others) to the metal parts of guns to develop corrosion resistant surface layers on the steel.
We at Hyperion Arms are able to re-finish, repair, and replace gun stocks and pistol grips. We always do our best to restore to original or
customer specifications.
Stock Re-Finishing
We also specialize in work on pistols and revolvers. We are proficient in a range of skills such as woodworking, checkering, machining, metal finishing and metalworking and we have an excellent understanding of the mechanical characteristics and function of the guns they work on  Hyperion Arms can turn a poorly constructed firearm into one that looks
and handles much better.
Some of us at Hyperion Arms use their experience and skills to specialize in making only a few types of gun parts. Some of the more important part categories are:

Trigger assemblies
Locks (as in ‘Cap & Ball locks’)
Niche' Manufacturing
KG Gun-Kote is an abrasion and impact-resistant material that can be applied to firearms and parts including metal, plastic, composite andother surfaces, reducing maintenance and adding years of service life and functionality to any weapon. We offer custom designs and patterns at our customers request.
KG Gun-Kote Application
Hyperion Arms is located in Danville, Illinois. With over 35 years of gun smithing experience and a mission to serve a growing community of satisfied customers. Whether you are an avid sportsman, a range shooter or a gun collector, our gunsmiths can help you maintain, restore, repair and customize your firearms.  Should you desire a vintage period piece restored to original, we are experts in that process, from locating and fabricating any component to lettering and finishes.
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