Design • Development • Manufacture of Firearms
Hyperion Arms was established in April 2014 by Morgan Williamson who has over 35 years of practical shooting experience and is educated in manufacturing technology at Clackamas Community College and Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon. Morgan Williamson started Hyperion Arms to help Law Enforcement and the common consumer save money on firearms, accessories and gunsmithing.
To pursue the entirety of this trade, we at Hyperion Arms must possess skills as a parts fabricator, a metalworker and/or blacksmith, a woodworker, and/or an artisan; be knowledgeable in shop mathematics, ballistics, chemistry, and materials engineering; is knowledgeable in the use and application of a variety of hand, power, and machinists tools and measuring devices; and be capable of working accurately and precisely. Hyperion Arms is a small gunsmith shop and possess skills as a gunsmith to work effectively with a wide variety of customers; and remain abreast of, and comply with federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and requirements.
The primary technical responsibility of Hyperion Arms is to ensure that the guns we work on function safely. We accomplish this firstly by always properly observing gun safety handling procedures: both in their own actions, and in the actions of their customers and the people around them. We accomplish this secondly by inspecting guns to ensure safe mechanical operation. Hyperion Arms uses our in-depth knowledge of guns to guide these inspections: either repairing deficiencies; or notifying customers of unsafe conditions and taking steps to prevent catastrophic failures.
Improper Assembly
Missing Parts
Cracks: all cracked parts are cause for concern, but especially so in the
chamber-area, bolt, bolt-lugs, or buttstock
Bore Obstructions: being either dented or bent barrels, or foreign material in barrels
Improper Headspace: dimensions concerning the relative locations of
the chamber and the bolt are not within specified tolerances
Improper Timing: (applies to fully automatic firearms and revolvers)
Safety-Mechanism Malfunctions: potentially allowing a gun with the safety mechanism supposedly engaged to unexpectedly fire
Worn Sear Edges: potentially allowing a firearm to unexpectedly fire when the safety mechanism is disengaged
Firing-Pin Tips Deformed: leading to the possibility of primer-rupture
Some of the ways that even properly handled guns can fail and endanger their users and those around them are:
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